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While I believe that very few relationships cannot be restored that, unfortunately, doesn't mean that yours can or will be restored. This isn't because the information provided here isn't of any use, it is, it is because two people make up a relationship and both have to want to make it work for the magic to happen.

Purely for illustration purposes. My previous relationship broke up, I specifically asked my ex if the break up was temporary or permanent and was told permanent. Based on that information I began creating a new life for myself. Several years later I discovered that my ex had wanted a reconciliation but had never told me. By then it was too late and we now both have new relationships.

The moral of that story? Don't say things in haste that you might regret later. Sometimes the very things we say when we are angry or sad are the very things which will prevent making up with your ex later. Unfortunately none of the information provided here can help you make up in that situation. It can, however, help you get over the pain of seperation and help you create a new relationship that is better.

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